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八月出生孩子学习较差 易成问题少年

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  August-born boys are 12 per cent less likely thanSeptember-born boys to get good GCSEs and girls are 9 per cent lesslikely。
  In addition, August-born youngsters are 20 percent more likelyto ditch academic study and learn a trade from the age of 16. Theyare 20 per cent less likely to go to an elite university。
  And it is not just their education that suffers as they aremore likely to be bullied at primary school and have lowerconfidence in their academic ability。
  As a result as teenagers, they are also more inclined tosmoke, binge drink and take cannabis and fewer are in control oftheir lives, according to a report published today。
  Claire Crawford, of the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS),co-author of the report, said children face a penalty "simplybecause they are unlucky enough to have been born late in theschool year"。
  To redress the balance, August-born children could spend ayear longer at school under proposals put forward by the study'sauthors。
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